Maxine is pursuing their undergraduate degree in Media Arts and Sciences, an interdisciplinary major combining visual arts and computer science, at Wellesley College. Their interest began in mechanical engineering which led to learning more about simple machines. Not coincidentally, volunteering at a local bike shop exposed them to bicycle mechanics. Soon enough, they advanced and became a professional bike mechanic.

Aside from bicycles, Maxine loves creating art through traditional and digital mediums. They are extremely proficient in Photoshop and other Adobe programs, this upcoming semester they will expand their skills to include 3D design. This website showcases their passion for communicating with design and visual art, as well as problem solving using computer programming and engineering. Examples of this work are located in the Portfolio tab, for full work history consult the Resume tab. As a well rounded individual, Maxine seeks to integrate their passions by pursuing a career in user experience design.

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